Giovanna Caprini

Graduated in literature in 1979, from that moment I work in sailmaking, I dedicate myself to the sport of sailing and at the same time I teach literature in a private school.

I manage, therefore, for a few years the Italian branch of the French Voile Système veleria.
In the mid-80s I decided to devote myself exclusively to sailing and teaching sailing.

INSTRUCTOR OF THE ITALIAN VELA FEDERATION since 1982; since 1996 he has been a 3rd LEVEL INSTRUCTOR with ALTURA specialization since 2007.

During these years I participated in all federal courses to obtain the qualification of “trainer”.

FIV FORMER I coordinated the Area Instructors Courses for years and now I am part of the FEDERAL STAFF FOR TRAINING YACHT & MONOTYPE, DERIVE and KITESURF INSTRUCTORS. EXPERT VELISTA F.I.V. since 2008

From 2002 until June 2014 INSTRUCTOR AND RESPONSIBLE DIDACTIC of the Nautical School Benaco Sail of which I was also co-owner.

Sailing sport activity:

FIRST 80s: 1 class victory at the Gorla Trophy 1 class victory at the Centomiglia del Garda, the two most famous and demanding Garda regattas.
From 1986 to 1990 I participated as SKIPPER, in a wholly female crew, to the most demanding high-altitude regattas of those years: CINQUECENTO PER DUE, RIMINI CORFU RIMINI, ADRIA’S CUP, RIMINI MALTA RIMINI, REGATA DELLE COLONNE and many others.
1 class victory at the CINQUECENTO X 2 in the female crew (1988)
3 consecutive victories at the COMBINATA DI VELA D’ALTURA dell’ADRIATICO ’87, ’88, ’89.
1 class at RIMINI MALTA RIMINI (only editionIn 1991 and 1992 skipper of ULDB 53 ‘”Orchidea” I participated in ROUND THE WORLD RALLY EUROPE 92, after 4 years of winter Atlantic crossings).

From 1993 to 2003 I trained and educated young people aged 8 to 18 accompanied them to the most demanding national events

From 2004 to 2013 with my boat I worked in the Gulf of Trieste with Sailing Initiation Courses up to Preparatory Courses for the Regattas and participation in the same Regattas with crews of students.

From November 2013, forced to give up my work with the boating, I started the collaboration with a company directly selling wellness products, completely fasting any notion of Network Marketing.
With the stubbornness and resourcefulness that have always accompanied my sporting and professional path in just 10 months I have reached the important qualification of Zafiro, with a group of 150 people.
Always following my inclination to teaching, I spent most of my time training new Distributors, until they themselves were able to “walk alone”.

My love for nature and freedom now pushes me to run towards a new and really challenging adventure: in the spring of 2018 my BED & BREAKFAST will be operative here at Castion Veronese, on the slopes of Mount Baldo a stone’s throw from my beloved Lake Garda.

My goals:

My biggest dream was to take a trip around the world on a sailboat: I dreamed of it since I was very young.
I cultivated that dream from the moment I picked up the rudder the first time.
I made my dream come true: yes, we are the proponents of our destiny.
I’m not used to giving up or losing: every wave and every storm for me have been challenges to be overcome.
Now my challenges are different and my goals are different.

I have traveled the world by sea but not by land. Now I want to stop a bit. In my programs about ten years. Start my new business and then start traveling to Europe, no longer the commander of my boat but “driving my camper”, along with my two beautiful dogs.
I will get all this thanks to my conviction that we are the proponents of our future!